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  • Strategy, structure and staff are essential to business success, BUT STILL NOT ENOUGH to optimize leadership, team and organizational performance.
  • UNLESS you 1) get the right people, in the right seats, and in pursuit of the right opportunities 2) create a neuroscience-based and emotionally safe workplace and 3) provide an unparalleled employee and customer experience, you will never optimize organizational performance.
  • UNLESS IS WHAT WE DO BEST. We can show you how to better optimize your human resources and business results.
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  • Primary engagement will be with Larry Fehd, CEO and founder of HPS.
  • Secondary engagements, if necessary, will be with one or a team of our subject experts. Each member brings specialized skills and technical expertise to achieve the optimal results. All engagements are highly-focused and, in most cases, short-term in duration to maximize efficiency.
  • Our team delivers outstanding results and enduring value. We have served a diverse portfolio of U.S. and international clientele since 2000. The quality of our services is 100% guaranteed.
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  • Our Performance Optimization Model™ components combine with our proven methods to optimize leadership, team and organization performance.
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  • Our Performance Optimization Model™ is qualitatively and empirically grounded.
    • Qualitative grounding means that our proven methods are practical and pragmatic versus abstract or purely theoretical.
    • Empirical grounding means that our proven methods are effective as verified by observations of and reports from our clients.
  • Our Performance Optimization Model™ has three attributes: simple, substantive and sustainable and provide a process framework and key measures of success.
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  • Simple: Invest only resources that are required to achieve and sustain optimal results; easily understood and presenting limited difficulty or hardship.
  • Substantive: Qualitatively and empirically grounded while combined with compelling research evidence; a firm basis in reality, important, solid, meaningful and considerable.
  • Sustainable: Practical, pragmatic and proven methods versus one-offs, quick-fixes, unsubstantiated theories or flavors-of-the-month; able to be implemented and sustained at desired rate over time.
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  • The quality of our work is 100% guaranteed! We bring deep subject expertise combined with common sense; we are detail-oriented and big picture mindful.
  • We do it right! We consistently deliver outstanding results and a commitment that our client best interests will always come first.
  • We never try to sell you something you don’t need! We will recommend what we think will be required to deliver on our commitments and achieve the optimal client results.
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We use proven methods to optimize leadership, team and organization performance and achieve unparalleled business results.




Executive Leadership &
Business Optimization Advisor

  • Engaging an executive leadership and business optimization advisor is a savvy decision and reflection of strength. We serve in a unique combination role of coach, confidant and consultant. We help executives play to strengths, mitigate vulnerabilities and achieve unparalleled business results.
  • We offer prompt access; expert advice; authoritative knowledge; executive presence and political savvy; behavioral and psychological insights and a confidential forum for constructive and meaningful conversations.
  • Our engagement helps the executive staff to perform at their best and optimize performance and business results.
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C-Level / Senior Executive
Leadership & Team Optimization

  • Trust is essential among teams and particularly among high-performance executive teams. Healthy group behaviors, norms and effective communications is how trust is built. A solid foundation of trust optimizes team effectiveness, organizational performance and business results.
  • We build high-performance executive teams that function with greater collaboration and effectiveness. The best of executive teams inspire the best in and serve as role models for each other as well as for all other leaders, employees and teams throughout the organization.
  • We help executive teams to leverage IQ and strengthen EQ (Emotional Intelligence). IQ + EQ = 100% of Potential.
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Building A Neuroscience-Based
Workplace Environment & Culture

  • Based on the latest from neuroscience, creating an emotionally safe workplace culture is an imperative for optimizing leadership, team and organizational performance and unparalleled business results.
  • A neuroscience-based emotionally safe culture unleashes the unique talents of employees, teams and organizations. The impact of a safe workplace environment is powerfully influential and invites the highest potential of all employees.
  • Energy, motivation and esprit de corps will rise which inspires greater creativity, innovation and growth. An unparalleled employee experience creates synergy with and translates into an unparalleled customer experience.
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Creating The Unparalleled
Employee & Customer Experience

  • There is a compelling research-based linkage between the employee and customer experience. In highly successful organizations, the employee and customer experience is designed interdependently and functions synergistically.
  • An unparalleled employee and customer experience, in combination with a customer-centric culture, is a proven formula for optimizing employee, team and organizational performance and unparalleled business results.
  • There is a powerful relationship between the optimal employee and customer-centric experience and unique influence of a neuroscience-based safe workplace culture.
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Seminars, Workshops,
Executive Offsite Retreats

  • We build highly engaging, interactive and inspirational custom seminars, workshops and executive retreats. Our seminars, workshops and retreats achieve the desired outcomes and provide enduring value.
  • We ensure that all content is aligned with desired outcomes and define measures of success, in advance of the event, to ensure optimal participant experiences and event success.
  • We understand our responsibility in delivering high quality seminars, workshops and retreats and the trust placed in us to deliver. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that your seminar, workshop or executive retreat is a raving success.
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Speaking – Keynotes,
Conferences & Special Events

  • Larry Fehd is a compelling speaker and delivers keynotes and presentations that engage, inspire and create enduring memories. Each speech is designed to meet client needs and ensure an outstanding experience for the audience.
  • Larry speaks to large or small audiences including executive teams and special company events, conferences, clubs, trade associations and other professional organizations.
  • Larry has a powerful presence, invites an immediate connection and creates an intimate experience for the audience. Accommodates formal black-tie, business attire, casual dress and everything in between venues.
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Our clients are diverse public and private U.S. and international organizations ranging from Fortune 1000 to mid-size to start-up / early-stage.







"Larry, what is obvious to you is a complete revelation to others."

D.A. Benton
President & CEO - Benton Management
NY Times bestselling author of
How to Think Like a CEO & Lions Don’t Need to Roar

"The integrity and genuineness of your commitment to your clients is such a refreshment in a world of pitches and spin and image. And I thank you for that. It is a return to center and a grounding for those of us lucky enough to hear you."

James Michael Bown
Executive - International Sematech

"Larry, some of the best thinking I’ve ever done was with you in the room because you have a great ability to clarify, coach and counsel (3 big C’s in my book) while getting your own ideas into play. It was magic."

Michael D. Gowen,
Executive VP - Bausch + Lomb

"Larry, I appreciate all your support and encouragement. You’re a powerful influence on those you coach – not just me."

Gus Scaiano,
Senior VP - Scotiabank de Puerto Rico

"You bring so much to our business every time we meet. We thank you for the work you are helping us do to improve the role of our professional life in ‘the dash.’ You are incredible!"

W. Eric Hehman, CFA
CEO & Principal - Austin Asset

"You always understood the issues I was facing at the time and you inspired me with greater confidence in my ability to address those issues in an appropriate fashion. For all that and more, I am deeply grateful."

Daniel T. Plummer, PhD
GM - R&D - Sasol North America

"I am so thankful for all you helped me with and through. I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am, without your help and support, confidence, and guidance. I cannot tell you how many times I think about and continue to appreciate our talks."

Barbara Arndt
Senior Manager - Dell Computer


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"Larry, this is a mini-masterpiece. It is so relevant to our business situation that I have sent copies to our senior management. I bow to you your wisdom and synthesis of proven, but often ignored, best practices."

Michael B., Executive, High-Technology R & D

"Great article. I really like your comments on Leadership. Everything keeps getting faster, more risky, tighter (margins) and more demanding. Lifespan of a win is short, days would be nice, but it’s more like hours or minutes now. Lifespan of a loss is longer and more costly."

George D., President,
Air Conditioning & Electric Company

"Thought provoking! Love the phrase “abundantly redundant” and the way you pulled out Einstein’s quote as a standalone; adding the quote about amateurs at the bottom. Totally agree with you that “leadership is an act of invitation."

April R. Executive Staff, U.S. National Security Agency

"I really like this article! I feel like we all have a lot of “conversations” that check the box so few of them are truly meaningful. I appreciate the intentional aspect. Nice work."

John F. DVM, Owner
Medical Director, Veterinary Services

"I still reference your “overused strengths as vulnerability” concept with all of my leaders. Great advice!"

Eric, H. CEO & Principal, Financial Planning Services

"Larry, your newsletters are so positive, uplifting and informative. Thank you for inspiring me!"

Monica M. , RN, Executive, Health Care Administration

"Your concept of Invitational Leadership™ is an interesting one. Truly inspirational leadership is possible only if we as leaders believe passionately in our purpose and can communicate it in a manner that captures the hearts and minds of our people. When this exists our people also have a passion for the vision and respond eagerly to the invitation."

Bruce Bowen, CEO, International Banking & Finance

"You SOARED with this article, Larry. It was very uplifting and a great analogy."

Pam M. Pierce, MA, MS, LMSW / Psychotherapist

"Your unique concept of emergence validated a problem I’d been pondering for some time, thank you!"

Marmie Edwards, Communications & PR Principle

"Very interesting as related to my research on the leadership role in building capacity; thank you for sharing this valuable insight."

Guada Hammad, PhD

Larry Fehd

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Larry Fehd

Chief Executive Officer & Founder / HPS
Executive Leadership & Business Optimization Advisor
M:(512) 415-0748 Email:

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